Men: Are Hollywood Expectations Ruining You? (Podcast Excerpt)

Author: AlphaMD

In this podcast excerpt, we explore Hollywood's negative standards on the expectations of men.

If you're a male in the US, chances are you've been affected by Hollywood's expectations for men. From what men are supposed to look like to how men are supposed to act, Hollywood is having a major impact on men. In this podcast excerpt, we explore what's happening and discuss the ways in which men are coping or suffering.


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Brian Mckinley:  You know, that's a good example because like Hollywood and stuff like that, right. You're seeing like, you know, Hollywood is always had a bad track record for like pushing bad views about people, only casting people of certain colors in the past being like, tell a judgmental. But now we are moving in the direction of like, you know, like we need to make sure that we include like a plus size and we need to make sure that we include people with like not perfect traits and like you know it's like that's good that's great and like at the same time that's going on it's usually like in the same movies. Where like the male standard for beauty. Is still. Being portrayed completely stereotypically, right? Like I think a good example was like

Brian Mckinley: Guardians the Galaxy, right? That's a new movie that's coming out and Chris Pratt. He got hella fit the first guardians of the Galaxy and like the director was like, Yeah. Like you're the guy we literally can't cast you unless you let us put six packs on a six-packed out on you with like CGI and he was like, No I can do it.

Garrett Soames:  Right.

Brian Mckinley: You like me enough, I have the motivation and he did six months, he didn't intense stuff. It was crazy. He did great. He came out, looking pretty, damn good, you know? And the thing is, He also didn't look like perfect by Hollywood standards, but he looked pretty damn good, right?

Garrett Soames: Well, and that's you, Chris Pratt's, a good example, right? Because he was what in parks and rec and he was, he was,…

Brian Mckinley:  Yeah.

Garrett Soames: he was by all definitions fat, right? but what's funny is,…

Brian Mckinley:  Right.

Garrett Soames: is You know, guys that are actors that are fat are always cast in the funny role, right?

Brian Mckinley:  Yeah, they're never the main character and if they are it's because it's comical.

Garrett Soames: Right, you're fat hahaha right? It's like,…

Brian Mckinley:  But yeah.

Garrett Soames: you know, right? And then you know, Chris Pratt is again a good example, he's lost a lot of weight and stuff now, and now even though,…

Brian Mckinley:  You know.

Garrett Soames: you know, Guardians of the Galaxy still has humor. He's, he's now in like the, you know, the, the male role that, you know, where he's saving, you know, the Galaxy and whatever. And,…

Brian Mckinley:  Yeah.

Garrett Soames: you know, the Jurassic Park movies, like He's, you know, saving the girl and he's not in a humorous role anymore, right? Because he's not bad anymore.

Brian Mckinley:  Yeah, and yeah, that's that way. Because it's also like not any yeah.

Garrett Soames: Right, right. Um, you know and so I think it's it's really interesting again how how this works. Like I, you know, you and I grew up in a time where Sylvester Stallone you know an Arnold Schwarzenegger like like these were the.

Brian Mckinley: And they were in the image.

Garrett Soames: Yeah these were the guys we wanted to be so they were big and they were essentially on unobtainably like massively you know, muscular and and whatnot. But at the same time we had like Pierce Brosnan as James Bond,…

Brian Mckinley:  Mm-hmm.

Garrett Soames: right? So he he is,…

Brian Mckinley:  Yeah.

Garrett Soames: he was emasculine guy and he was like he's the man's man, he gets all the women, you know, and he had hair on his chest which was not muscular. He had no six packs. You know or what's his name? Sean Connery. It's another good example like Yeah,…

Brian Mckinley: Yeah, Connor. Yeah yeah he just had he had the energy.

Garrett Soames: they have that energy. They were masculine women wanted to be that with them, you know, all men wanted to be them but that if we were to pull that, you know, from that time and drop them in today's time, they'll be like, Who's this, like, Why is he having six pack?

Brian Mckinley: Yeah. No,…

Garrett Soames: He's, you know, this is gross.

Brian Mckinley: dude. Yeah, exactly. Like that was a new another Marvel movie. We're talking about Marvel, let's talk about Marvel again. That was that one? The wakanda forever, right? Where I like that the antihero dude,…


Garrett Soames:  Hmm.

Brian Mckinley: like the big bad villain guy was.

Garrett Soames:  Oh yeah. Now you say care what's the actor's name again? But like that anymore? Yeah.

Brian Mckinley: Yeah, I wish I would. Yeah, but that's the thing he got so much s*** for. Like, Who the f*** is that? He got so much s*** for like, I'm sorry, he's ugly. It's like, no, he's like legitimately his body type and his genetics and ethnicity. That is fit as hell. For like the role he's supposed to be in. It was like, what? A fit, normal guy looks like and he got so much. Yeah, about it.

Garrett Soames: Yeah, yeah.

Brian Mckinley: Because what?

Garrett Soames: The Internet just for him apart because he didn't have a six pack.

Brian Mckinley:  And it's like, that's such b*******. because like, You know. the same stuff does happen to women but not not in that kind of aggressively kind of like how dare they way it does happen for like, plus size models and stuff like that, but like you said, people are seeing that in a much more positive light. Now, it's not seen as a bad thing, it. See, it is like a body positivity. Like a, Let's pull everyone up together thing but the second we put on a slightly, You know, not Captain, America vibe and guy it's like Get that guy out of there boycott that movie that's b*******. And so you know it's weird because Men need this too. You know, we're at a time where obesity is like at an all-time high in this country, right? And yet the standard for men is still at an all-time muscular low body fat content.

Garrett Soames: Right. Right.

Brian Mckinley: And like you know, kind of what I'm saying before that, like women like they just need to be a certain size or shape but they don't necessarily need muscles. So it's like they have to lose the weight but men have to lose the weight and then they have to put it on too to reach that standard and that's where I think like the body positivity. Kind of needs to come in and,…

Garrett Soames: With yeah.

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