Unexpected Effects of Andarine GTx-007 (SARM)

Author: AlphaMD

In this video, we'll be discussing the unexpected effects of Andarine GTx-007, testosterone and TRT. We'll cover topics like androgenic side effects, liver toxicity, hair loss and more.

If you're thinking about using Andarine GTx-007, testosterone or TRT, then this video is for you. We'll discuss the risks and benefits of each therapy to let you know what to expect.

It should be noted again, despite the disclaimer in this video, that SARMs are not for human consumption nor regulated by the FDA. They cannot be prescribed & we cannot recommend them. This is for educational purposed.

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Garrett Soames:  Hello again, it's Garrett with Elfmd again this week we're discussing Sarms specifically. Today we're going to be discussing and during so entering again, this arm a selective

Garrett Soames:  Androgen receptive modulator specifically, with the goal to replace TESTOSTERONEANDERING. Like other sarms is not FDA regulated. So just bear in mind, if you purchase any, you do. So at your own risk, we're answering questions regarding Psalms just because we're getting so many of them. And so we just want everyone to be as informed as possible. So what is anderene, you know, like other songs attaches to the androgen interceptors. It was designed with the goal to avoid any ill effects that sometimes can be related to testosterone particularly in men with prostate cancer. Psalms have been shown to have less affinity to Andrew interceptors found in the prostate.

Garrett Soames:  Interestingly, all this arms also are not susceptible to the five alpha reductase. Meaning they do not convert in any way, shape, or form to DHT. So with that in mind as well, there's less likelihood of DHT related side effects, like hair loss. so entering is, at least, it's felt to be a bit stronger than austering is though not felt to be not quite as potent as Other sarms in particular test alone or rad 140. So it's kind of in the middle as far as strength is concerned. So far mostly anecdotally, we know that it does help significantly with fat loss.

Garrett Soames:  It is also found that other than, with Austrian so far. It does not suppress the FSH, and LH of the pituitary gland. So, that's kind of an interesting difference between and Irene and Austering is, it does not so far again, in what studies we have, it does not seem to suppress pituitary function. Um, it does increase bone muscle or bone density and muscle mass as it specifically it seems to be more effective in attaching to the receptors, the energy receptors in those tissues. Interestingly as well. It is found to decrease the lipoprotein lipase levels which is specifically how it seems to reduce adipose tissue.

Garrett Soames:  Often bodybuilders will use sarms because they seem to have less water retention than other exogenous hormones. So that is one reason why I think they are becoming more popular bodybuilding because any muscle, you gain tends to be actual legitimate muscle without a lot of water weight gain. You also tend to have more vascularity and whatnot. So these are the reasons why people choose to take them. Just so you're aware a typical as, as is typical with any sarm. It is a oral medication. So unfortunately every single study on Sarms so far has proven that it is hepatotoxic which means it is harsh on the liver and they all have been shown to increase, liver enzymes and bilirubin levels. So keep that in mind.

Garrett Soames:  and more, particularly, you want to make sure that you cycle off of Any sarn is especially things like Austrian, and The typical dosing. Again, it's anecdotal. But the typical dosing is anywhere from thirty milligrams. Or upwards on occasion upwards of 50 milligrams. A day, it does have a shorter half-life than Austrian and so with that in mind, it's often taken three times daily. While awake. Beyond that, it sometimes is necessary to do a PCT. It.

Garrett Soames:  At least anecdotally, it has been shown to that that may be the case. But again, there are no studies on it. PCT may or may not be necessary with any of this arms, but of of the psalms that have been studied as mentioned before Austrian has been proven to to suppress LH and FSH. Andering so far has not been proven to effective, pituitary gland if that is true.

Garrett Soames:  Then a PCT may not be necessary on this medication. Does it work? Yes. Most most of the time I think if you're going to actually find a reputable supplier, you're going to have good effect and you're going to have increased muscle mass as well as decreased fat mass. So, again, with Alpha MD, We cannot recommend any of these because they are if not FDA approved. But again, we just want everyone to be as educated as possible just in case.

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