Trestolone Decanoate: This Steroid Stays in Your System For __?!

Author: AlphaMD

In this video, we'll discuss the long half life of Trestolone Decanoate and how you should be aware of any side effects because of that. We'll also discuss how this medication was designed and why it may become a good choice for male birth control in the future.

Although this is not a current legally prescribed steroid for TRT or to be paired with Testosterone use, there are current studies that may change that in the future.


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Garrett Soames:  Okay. Hello again everyone it's Garrett with Alf MD. We're talking today about trust alone. Trust alone is a very popular steroid that's out there and again we've had several questions regarding it. So the specific question about trust alone, that was asked, was regarding trust alone to Canaway, which is an a longer acting Esther. So we're gonna address that specifically but more generally, what is trust alone? Not everyone's heard about it. Obviously it sounds like testosterone. So as you can imagine it is a steroid hormone. It's was originally designed in the 1960s. So it's been around for a while.

Garrett Soames:  Um ultimately it was found not to be as useful as I guess they originally thought. And so it for a while there was no studies on it or anything until about the 90s they started looking at it again specifically with the goal. For a male birth control. And We do know that trust alone works very well as a male birth control. In fact, it is more suppressive of natural testosterone production and natural sperm production than testosterone is. So

Garrett Soames:  More so than than testosterone like significantly more. So it is a very very good birth control for men. It is also very beneficial for muscle growth bone density, virility all that. So it does seem to be a good option for birth control for men. It it does suppress, again, natural testosterone production. However, the compound does attach to the androgen receptors in the same fashion testosterone does. So ultimately, this is one compound that technically does not need to also be supplemented with testosterone. Um, because it has the same effect.

Garrett Soames:  and again, right now, it's being studied to be used on its own for male birth control in a way that won't leave men feeling hypogonatal because we've shut off their Hpta axis. And so, it is a very short half-life and typically, you'll find You'll find trend balloon. All right, sorry. That's another steroid. You'll find trust alone acetate as the most commonly found one, but There are some newer.

Garrett Soames:  esters, including trust alone at the Canaway, the half life of Trust alone, the Canaway is about 15 days. So instead of having to inject, Daily. Ideally, you would be able to inject once weekly and so It is becoming more popular for that reason.

Garrett Soames:  As with any longer acting Esther, typically, it also means that it takes longer to feel any beneficial effect. So, you know, it may take several weeks really. Before you really start, to notice, you know, any effect from it. Whereas, the shorter acting esters, you often feel the effects rather quickly. And again, personally, I I'm a fan of shorter acting esters, mainly especially with newer medicines if you've never tried a medication before. Because if you do get side effects, you can stop the medication. And within a few days, all the side effects are gone. the downside to something like trust alone, Dick Anaway It can be in your system. Again, it takes remember it takes five.

Garrett Soames:  Half lives to be out of your system. So, whatever, five times 15 is, that's what two and a half months. Since your last shot, two and a half months from your last shot, it will remain in your system. so, Just bear, that in mind. If you do choose to jump straight to a test a threat, Trombone, di Canaway, you're guaranteeing that if you have side effects or ill effects, you're gonna have to live with them for several months. With that in mind. If again, based on this question if you've never had Any experience with trust alone? I think you'd be the fool to jump straight to a longer acting. Esther, I would recommend you see how you do.

Garrett Soames:  On a shorter esther, like, acetate, or sippinate, any of those, but if you're gonna jump straight to decanoi, you better hope that you're somebody who doesn't get side effects that don't work well for you or your life. just as a bit of a caveat bear in mind, trust alone is Not something that can be currently prescribed. It's still a considered a medication for research purposes. Only, you won't find a whole lot of human based studies. There are plenty of animal studies. It does seem to be safe One of the interesting things about trust alone is it does not in any way convert to DHT.

Garrett Soames:  um, So there is some benefit to that, if you're someone who struggles with, you know, DHT related side effects Which is interesting, you know, it is a in the family of the 19 Norths. So It is possible to have some kind of DHT related side effects, but it does actually convert a fair amount to estrogen. So at aromatizes. So most men who Are on trust alone. Do need an aromatase inhibitor because it does convert apparently more than testosterone does. So that's one thing to bear in mind.

Garrett Soames:  Other than that again, really all the data. You're gonna get about trust alone. It's typically just related more to anecdotal reports because it's like I said, you really can't get this medication prescribed currently. So you know, as you know if you're if you're searching to to use something like this, you're using it where you're basically the guinea pig, so just be mindful. You know, if if you do choose to experiment with with really any medication that you find online, that is not prescribed by your doctor, um, so again to answer this question specifically

Garrett Soames:  Yes, trust alone to canaway can be, used half-life's 15 days. If you've never used stressalone before, I would certainly recommend, trying a shorter rest of first, just to be sure that you don't suffer significant side effects. Last thing I'll say is anecdotally, most people who do take trust alone, still take a base of testosterone with it all though, that is not considered necessary at least based on the our understanding of how Tresslon works is it attaches to the exact same receptors as testosterone?

Garrett Soames:  Um, it is still kind of common practice for those who use these types of compounds to also still stack it with a base of testosterone. Again, that's still anecdotal but something to be aware of. So if you have any other questions regarding trust alone, you know, feel free to ask us. You can message us at Alpha Otherwise, if you have any other questions regarding any other compounds, we're happy to answer it as best we can, and just stay tuned for more videos in the future.

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