Enclomiphene & Low Dose TRT - Reddit AMA #1, Part 2

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What can enclomiphene do, how does it work? Would you use it with a low dose TRT regimen?

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Yeah, so let's see. We got a question from pristine disaster 484. And the question was Can a small dose of TRT 50 to 80 milliliters, and I'm assuming he meant milligrams weekly. And small dose of Inflamathine. Not Clomid be used. The reason for the inflamophen is to keep a small number of my production going. Some people say it's useless. The only reason would be to keep other hormones that the testosterone produces like pregnant alone and DHEA etc. So yeah, basically ultimately the the level of testosterone recommended or I should say that this person was asking about 50 to 80 milligrams weekly.

Garrett Soames:  For one that is an exceptionally low dose. The average man converts one milligram of testosterone to anywhere from four to six.

Garrett Soames:  as far as a total testosterone, so a level again, if you were to inject 50, 50 milligrams, you would at best, get your testosterone level either to 200 That's four up to 300 again, that's six. You know, if it were to convert one milligram to six of total testosterone. So what that means, Is that that dose? All it would function to do, would be the suppress your testosterone and since most guys have come in and that we treat our 350 or below you know, 50 milligrams a week would actually make you lower than you were when you first started TRT.

Garrett Soames:  So that's one thing to consider but the the bulk of the question I think mainly would be well if I add something like Clomid or in climate to that regimen, wouldn't it increase my testosterone production and help me you know, make up that difference. So, you know, a lot of guys aren't familiar with Clomid or Chlamathine. They're basically, two two medicines that do the exact same thing. They're both selective, estrogen receptor modulators or you may have heard the term serum. Um, a serum X directly on the estrogen receptors of the hypothalamus and and pituitary glands. Basically.

Garrett Soames:  By blocking the estrogen receptors because estrogen I should say this estrogen is the main feedback mechanism to the hypothalamus that basically says you have enough testosterone. So as Brian was talking about with aromatase inhibitors, you can actually technically increase your testosterone just by having less estrogen attaching and and telling your natural production to shut down. Um, within limits, ultimately. Adding something like, in climate blocks that estrogen from attaching. So, your body still thinks that you're low in testosterone and you produce more testosterone naturally.

Garrett Soames:  You that basically will make your pituitary gland release gonadotropin, releasing hormone, which then elevates the last two hormones in that cycle, which are FSH all stimulating hormone and LH, which is luteinizing hormone. so that's pretty fancy but basically what it means is FSH and LH are what are increased when you take medicines like and climate FSH attaches to the sotoli cells in the testicles and those are specifically for sperm LH or the late excels, which produce testosterone. So you basically tell your testicles by adding those medicines to both in produce sperm and produce testosterone.

Garrett Soames:  Long story short, they are often used as an alternative to testosterone for guys who don't want to try testosterone it. But the important thing to remember with these, these medications is They only work in men with secondary hypogonadism not primary harmonism. Primary hypogonadism. again is is the most common cause about 90% or more of men who have hypogonadism have it because they're testicles just aren't working correctly. So that's primary. Secondary means the pituitary for some reason isn't sending the signal down there to produce more. So what that means is Klama theme clomid which is clomid or in climophen two different medicines.

Garrett Soames:  To increase FSH and LH only working about 10% of men with hypogonals because it only works in men with secondary hypogonals.

Garrett Soames:  so, again, to go back to the original question, There is a one in 10 chance that this adding clomid will actually increase your testosterone level.

Garrett Soames:  And so, there's the only benefit to doing a low dose testosterone, level exogenous testosterone, level plus adding in cloning would be. It might slightly increase. Your testosterone above the baseline, but adding remember adding testosterone already, shut down your natural production. so, ultimately You're shutting it down on one side and then turning it on with the other and even then you're only turning on the testosterone production part in about 10% of men. So

Garrett Soames:  the only benefit and there I should say this. There's not there's really no studies that have been done that. Add a serm to TRT at least, none that I could find in a pretty deep dive on. PubMed. um, the logically speaking having the FSH and LH you know, being released and basically tickling the testicles to keep working, Would suggest that it would be a possible replacement for hCG, which is commonly used in an attempt to maintain fertility. But it's better than hCG because HCG does not help you produce sperm. It just prevents atrophy of the testicles so that you can produce sperm later when you stop to your team. However, if you take something like Clomid,

Garrett Soames: Because of the FSH. Which comes with that one. Remember, hCG only attaches to the LH receptors. because there's the increased FSH, you can technically produce sperm while on TRT, if you add a CERN

Garrett Soames:  so long, long story short, you I have certainly prescribed them together in men who are trying to, you know, have a baby And while on TRT and I have seen that successfully work to maintain sperm counts to a level that will allow them to get a woman pregnant.

Garrett Soames:  And then, the last part of that question, regarding pregnenolone and DHEA testosterone is needed to produce these secondary hormones, like pregnant alone and DHEA, but all those can be supplemented DHEA supplement over the counter Think you could probably get a month's worth for like 12, 15 bucks. Pregnant alone is also over the counter and a pill form. I think you can get that for again under 20 bucks most of the time. So since those are relatively cheaply, supplemented And have no side effects, whereas Clomid and Clomiphene are known to cause problems with vision and other things. I don't recommend, you do it, unless you absolutely are. Can't come off to your tea and are trying to get your spouse pregnant.

Garrett Soames:  But yes, there's no doubt that they Be taken together for the benefit of fertility but not for the benefit of your testosterone levels.

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