Does Testosterone Replacement Therapy Lead to Penile Growth? Lighthearted.

Author: AlphaMD

In this very casual video, we'll explore the topic of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and its potential effects on male sex growth.


Many people are interested in testosterone replacement therapy because they think it will lead to penile growth. But is this really the case? In this video, we'll explore this question with a light-hearted take on a click-bait article.


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Brian Mckinley:  Okay, hello everyone. This is Alpha MD, Brian here today Garrett's with me. We're gonna go ahead and do a little bit more of a light-hearted video. We're just gonna review a study that we kind of found and felt like talking about. So, you know, take it at face value.

Brian Mckinley: This one comes from advocate, we're going to link it down below so that you can take a look at it, read yourself, see what we're talking about, but the the main gist of it and the title is a penises are growing faster. They're increasing. The States that they're increasing in size 24 Percent. Over the last 30 years in terms of, you know, young men and measurements and stuff like that. So that's going to be the topic for today. Go ahead and leave if you're not interested. But this is a, this is a strange one to us. What do you think about that Garrett?

Garrett Soames: You know, all I can say is suck it Boomers. Yeah, right. We got bigger dicks. yeah, and…

Brian Mckinley: Yeah.

Garrett Soames: a story, you know, Good. Yeah, next time the Boomers are in your face about, you know, this or that or you know, we just show them this this study and be like, well, yeah, but my dicks inch and a half bigger than yours. So

Brian Mckinley:  Yeah. Absolutely irrefutable proof from this one website.

Garrett Soames: Yeah, I I again it's an interesting study. I don't know who or why, you know, they chose to do that. I guess it was the first time someone took longitudinal, you know, data and said back in the 40s, dicks were this long now they're this long. You know, sounds like you…

Brian Mckinley: Yeah. It's saying essentially we're going from 4.8 inches to six inches as an average for,…

Garrett Soames: it whatever. You know.

Brian Mckinley: you know, assist males in this day and age. You know, and obviously this type of this type of article is Clickbaity and you know, you know, our video might be clickbaity, we'll see. But you know, it's still good, it's still good to talk about like why these things happen and like Is this something that you could expect with like taking TRT from our perspective? Because there is a You know, people like oh well it makes me younger. And will this relate to that? Or I've heard that it's good for libido. And what does that mean? Is that a mystery? And you know, we've also heard people saying that TRT can shrink your junk, which is Partially true but absolutely not true. When talking about penis length.


Brian Mckinley: Yeah. Garrett,…

Garrett Soames: Right. Yeah.

Brian Mckinley: you can you can talk about like what actually happens with like any kind of shrinkage.

Garrett Soames:  Right. So I mean again, we do get the question pretty often from men who are looking to start trt. So again, it's it's relevant to answer that. My brother was the one who came up with this term, so I'll quote him. It, it shrinks the berries, but not the twig. Right? So you're you. You're testicles. No longer have to produce testosterone when you're on TRT so they they slowly can atrophy, but you're the penis itself does not in any way, shape, or form shrink with use of TRT. So,

Garrett Soames: You…

Brian Mckinley: Yeah.

Garrett Soames: something to bear in mind. You know. Again, there are options to help prevent the atrophy, there's hCG and whatnot. But again, that's the topic for another day, but basically, it does not shrink the penis in any way. Yeah, there are some very poorly done studies,…

Brian Mckinley: Yeah.

Garrett Soames: that have actually shown it. It does increase penis size through the basically increase in insulin, like growth factors, which can I mean again any growth is not like, you know, monstrous but there is some some Some logical,…

Brian Mckinley:  Yeah.

Garrett Soames: you know, thought process and how it might increase it and it's through the the growth factors you know. So

Brian Mckinley: Well, you know, I I'd even argue with that. And, and this is coming from someone who, like, I think maybe testosterone itself and maybe TRT doesn't increase penis length.

Brian Mckinley:  But the act of getting on TRT and like the effects it has on your body especially from someone who is grossly overweight in the past. Like when you get onto your tea and when you're looking to be healthier because like that's why you would get onto your TV, you want to be healthier, you want to like you know, get the get the results out of your workouts and things like that and get back to a point, your youth, where you had more energy. Well, when you're grossly overweight, you know, I can say that like you know, there's troubles that you would have like, you know, sometimes your belly like hangs over, you know, your waste and you know you you can't even see your own junk. But like beyond that, like fat in the general growing area is present and so that pushes the rest of like the growing area forward. And when you get on to your teeth and when you get fit, So when you're on the, you know, trt and you're motivated to get fit, you lose a lot of body weight, I'll tell you that.

Brian Mckinley:  Your penis isn't really going to increase in size, but the fact that you're removing so much fat from like behind it, it is going to feel and definitely look like it has and that's coming from someone who used to be overweight. So if you're overweight and thinking, you know, It you do? I need to increase my size. Well, get on TRT and get on a diet and you will There will be a difference. And say that.

Garrett Soames: Yeah, well again, it's, it's again, an interesting, you know, study which you know, who knows how flawed it is or isn't? We didn't really dive into it much. But yeah, we can definitively say TRT does not in any way, shape, or form. Shrink the penis. So you can, you know, put that in the back of your mind for for all those guys who, you know, have considered trt in that. But they've heard that rumor and then they just freak out and don't want to do it. So, Um, yeah. So I…

Brian Mckinley: Yeah. Yeah,…

Garrett Soames: I don't know what else to say, but

Brian Mckinley: you can you can go in and enjoy their article. We just thought it was a good. A good topic starter for us to touch on today.

Garrett Soames:  right. All right.

Brian Mckinley: Yeah, thanks for joining us. On our penis talk.

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