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In this video, we're sharing with you the #1 best ED treatment 2023. This treatment is currently the best available and has been proven to be effective in treating both Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Libido problems. There are others that also work well for men or are the perfect supplement for ED treatment.

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If you're experiencing problems with your erections or libido, then you need to watch this video! By the end of this video, you'll know everything there is to know about the best ED treatment 2023 and how to get started using it. You won't regret it!


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Garrett Soames:  Hey everybody, it's Garrett, Soames with Alpha MD. I'm here to talk to you today about erectile dysfunction, specifically about how testosterone and erectile dysfunction relate to one another. So, what is erectile dysfunction? Again, this is something we've all heard about. But it's super common approximately 52% of men will complain of erectile dysfunction at some point in their life. Obviously that's hundreds of millions of men and it's it's a very distressing thing for for really. Any sexually active man, erectile dysfunction essentially means are you having problems with getting or maintaining an erection for adequate sexual function?

Garrett Soames:  Um, again, that can mean you just can't get an erection, Sometimes it means you have difficulty in what's called two mescence or the actual strength of the erection, or, again, the duration of the erection. So sometimes it will just come and go to soon. So, ultimately, it's like I said, it's very distressing. It can cause problems in your relationship or your marriage. It's causing enough distress that again, it's a huge multi-billion dollar industry. There's a lot of medications that are out there to treat it, ultimately

Garrett Soames:  We are now understanding that testosterone itself seems to be very intrinsically related to erectile dysfunction. Now, again, there are a lot of causes for problems with erectile function. And that can be sometimes related to, you know, anxiety or stress. Your your general health. Again, if you have problems with diabetes, hypertension, Those things can always obviously affect the blood flow to the penis.

Garrett Soames:  But interestingly, what we've discovered now, that there's more studies on the fact that testosterone actually seems to be the number one reversible cause for erectile dysfunction. So what does that mean? Again, low testosterone, affects many things. Many, many things, again, your energy levels your mood muscular strength, ability to lose weight. Um, and libido is obviously a big part of testosterone. So what's interesting though, too, is oftentimes even men with low libido are still able to, in a sense perform, right? They can develop an erection and then maintain one long enough to perform a sexual intercourse.

Garrett Soames:  What's interestingly, what's interesting is that what we've now known through studies is that The number one cause for any reversible. Cause for tests for erectile dysfunction is low testosterone. So that that appears to be the case enough to the point that the new standard of care is if you ever go talk to your doctor about erectile dysfunction, your doctor should. Order a free or total testosterone to test for this very common cause for rectal dysfunction. So, some more recent studies that were published in your urologic journals, have shown that even men who are put on PDE5 inhibitors, those are the Cialis or Viagra or Levitra. even in men who were put on this class of medications,

Garrett Soames:  Still in about 50% of those men. So have flip a coin half of those men. Still don't get adequate. Erectile function on these medications. So, what's even more interesting is that men who are placed on these medications who do not have adequate functioning. Were then placed on TRT. And interestingly enough. 95% of the men who who had failed on these pd5 medications now had adequate sexual function and erectile dysfunction was gone. So what does that say to you again, it makes sense to me, right? That testosterone was the cause for these men's. Erectile dysfunction.

Garrett Soames:  so, even even in men who are on the max dose of the most common medications used for erectile dysfunction, so, how does it relate again? The science isn't entirely clear. Obviously libido is a big part of sexual function and we know for a fact, Testosterone's main effect on sexual function. In general. Is it increases libido? It's rather significantly in most men. The best analogy I can give is you remember when you were 16, 17, 18? That's when your testosterone was the highest in your entire life.

Garrett Soames:  And you remember when it was like back then, you know, anything that it that moved, you know, you were sexually interested in it back then, right? Well, again, that that return of testosterone to those, you know, peak levels will increase your libido again. And then again, hopefully help with any erectile dysfunction.

Garrett Soames: Now an interesting thought on the matter too, is many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, it's actually related to performance anxiety, you know. And that's a big thing too. Actually, the male erection is actually a very complex thing and it involves both the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system. So basically you have to be relaxed but you also have to have adrenaline going at the same time. It's a very complex system so it doesn't take much to throw it off and anxiety, really? Again and performance, anxiety, in particular will really mess that up for you. So what's interesting about testosterone and how it improves performance anxiety

Garrett Soames:  Is not so much on the libido aspect, but more on the fact that men who are on testosterone tend to actually just have higher confidence levels. Again, it's it's a better mood stabilizer and ultimately, you know, men tend to feel better about their, their fitness and their health and their vigor when they're on TRT. And so you just feel more masculine and interestingly again, if you look at studies women who are in relationships with with men who were not on to your team, but then are on TRT find those men more sexually attractive once they start trt. And what's interesting about those studies is they didn't wait long like they didn't wait for long enough for these men to have like changes in their physique, right? They just said You know, a couple months later to these women are these men more sexually attractive to you and they the women resoundingly say yes.

Garrett Soames:  And so, what's interesting? That's an interesting study because again, what was it that changed in these men, they couldn't have lost a lot of weight. In two months, they couldn't have gotten a lot of more muscular muscle mass, in two months, what changed was they were more confident and they, you know, had more energy and they were just exuding a more masculine energy. And so knowing that fact and knowing that your partner would be more sexually interested in. You again, helps with that performance anxiety.

Garrett Soames:  You know, again there's nothing wrong with the other medications that are out there that you are used to treat correct, tell this function. And in fact, we we advocate for them, you know, here at Alpha MD, we we do prescribe again. Things, like, Cialis and Viagra. They do work, great. And in fact, a, they they work well as as a monotherapy for a lot of men, but again, the majority of men who use those in conjunction with your tea have even more enhanced sexual function,

Garrett Soames:  There are other medications that are out there too. There's a medication that is used. Sometimes called Melania Tan 2 and a another one called Pt-141. These are actual peptide, hormones, we FMD, We're partnered with a company, triumph health, They do actually prescribed these medications. So those ones work through a different mechanism as far as

Garrett Soames:  Sexual function, They work through what's called the opio milanic coordinate system along, you know, it's a tongue twister, but basically those are helpful too. They are typically prescribed as an injection form sometimes as a nasal spray. But if, if you find that, you're not getting any benefit from just PDE5 inhibitors like against Cialis or Viagra Levitra. And even then with TRT, you're still not getting the entire benefit that you'd like, sometimes adding some of those peptides kind of helps, kind of get you over that last little bit. So that's another thing to consider.

Garrett Soames:  Ultimately again, I we do not recommend you jump into some of these more aggressive treatments for erectile dysfunction. You might talk through your all just and they might recommend something called Caverjacked. Which is a needle directly into your penis. Again, that's very invasive, it causes scar tissue, puts your risk, for condition, called Peyronie's disease. There's a lot of urologists that are kind of pushing that although it works. It's obviously not fun as it's a needle in the penis, but also the risk factors. And and the long-term effects are certainly I think not something I would recommend you. You try as a first line treatment.

Garrett Soames:  There are some new treatment now where they're using ultrasound and an attempt to kind of break up any scar tissue or narrowing of the arterial blood flow. Unfortunately, the most recent studies on that have shown, it's no better than sham treatment or placebo. We were all coping. That that would actually be a good long-term treatment because it would only take a few sessions. But again. Anecdotally. There were a lot of guys who were saying it was helpful, but it turns out that turned out to be just placebo effect. So that unfortunately puts us back again to just using medications. And so again if you look at across all the studies your best treatment option that's the cheapest with the least side effects.

Garrett Soames:  Is TRT, believe it or not? So again look into that, you know, you can do your own research, We had FMD, we have some articles on that you can check our resources page but otherwise, if you do have any questions about erectile dysfunction or TRT in general, you can always sign up for a newsletter or check out our website at Alf. Amd.org. And again, my name is Garrett Songs and we hope to be following up with you soon.

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