MK677: The Controversial SARM/Peptide. Opinion from TRT Providers.

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In this video, we'll discuss the controversial SARM/Peptide MK677 Ibutamoren. We'll discuss the pros and cons of this peptide from a TRT provider's perspective.

If you're looking for an opinion on the MK677 Ibutamoren peptide, then you'll want to watch this video. We'll discuss the pros and cons of this peptide from a provider's perspective.

It should be noted again, despite the disclaimer in this video, that SARMs are not for human consumption nor regulated by the FDA. They cannot be prescribed & we cannot recommend them. This is for educational purposed.

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Garrett Soames:  Hello again, everybody, it's Garrett with Elf. MD, today we're gonna actually be talking about mk677, in case, Six Seven. Seven is also known as a beauty morin. It is a peptide hormone. It's hard to classify because it doesn't quite fall into any of the other peptide classifications, but basically, we want to give some advice on it. What it it's uses are for it's pros, it's cons. And again, why you may or may not consider using it, we're answering these questions again because we're getting a lot of interested parties who are Seeing if it makes sense to add it to their tier T, protocols. So what is mk677?

Garrett Soames:  It's a peptide hormone that mimics, the, the hormone known as gremlin gremlin is the hunger hormone. Basically, the hormone that makes you feel hungry, and mk677 attaches to those receptors. Which then in turn releases, both human growth hormone hGH and insulin like growth factor. One or IGF-1, these hormones are very beneficial in things like muscle growth, bone density, aid, with sleep, they're important for really growth of any type. They also help with fat loss.

Garrett Soames:  Um, so why would we ever consider using mk677? Well again bear in mind it's it's not still it's not FDA regulated. So if you do choose to purchase it or use it in any way. It's basically you do so at your own risk because you can't guarantee that any product that you get is is safe. However, the studies that have been done on mk677 have been promising, essentially, they've most of the studies that have been done have been done in elderly individuals who have muscle wasting or just deconditioning from aging. And all of them show, great promise, in increasing muscle mass.

Garrett Soames:  Essentially, it does. So by again, triggering human growth hormone. And again, insulin like growth factor one, these are essentially the, the most prominent factors that cause muscle growth. It's interesting to note too that in TRT the muscle growth is also from IGF-1, so T testosterone also triggers IGF-1 release. So a lot of the muscle mass that comes from Use a testosterone also comes from the IGF-1 hormone. so mk677 because it attaches to the ghrelin receptors, again, the hunger hormone you should bear in mind that It will Make You Hungry. Most people who do use mk677, have found that increases their appetite significantly. The average person who takes mk677.

Garrett Soames:  Increases their their caloric intake by on average 30%. So, an additional 30% of calories are consumed. Each day just due to the increased hunger. For that in mind, someone probably wouldn't want to consider taking I mk677 if they're trying to lose weight unless you're really good at fighting hunger, you're just gonna be famished. You're gonna always want to eat and so, just bear in mind that It works great for muscle, muscle growth and is not a good idea to use it. If you're looking to again, lean out in any way, shape, or form. Mk677.

Garrett Soames:  Again, like we mentioned it's got great benefit for bone density. It has been studied in osteoporitic women and again, it has actually shown reversal that which is interesting because most medications we have for osteoporosis only prevent further bone loss, the ones that I should say, the ones that are prescribed and that our FDA approved. Whereas this medication does actually increase bone density even in elderly women. So there is potential for again. Getting approved for that that indication alone. One interesting thing about in case six seven seven like anything that increases growth hormone is sleep quality. Generally the sleep improves significantly, most people who take it state, they sleep like a baby and they feel very refreshed

Garrett Soames:  Bear in mind though that it usually does come with feeling sleepy. A lot of people who do take it feel very sleepy soon after taking the the medication. And so for that reason it's usually taken at night. Just to help you sleep through the night. If you take it in the morning, you may regret it because you're going to be very sleepy soon after. So that's a side effect again to be aware of Ibutamorin mk677 is dose, typically, once daily. So again, it has a decently long half life and it's one of the interesting things about this peptide, which is unlike any other peptide, is that it is able to be consumed orally. So most peptide hormones have to be injected to avoid first pass metabolism by the liver.

Garrett Soames:  In this case, it's chemical structure allows it to actually be imbibed so you can eat it or take it by mouth without any issue or degradation of the medication. One of the interesting things too about in case six, seven, seven is, it's, it's considered to be a possible, nootropic medication Again, nootropics are basically medications that affect aging of the brain and cognitive function. So it's actually felt to improve cognitive function. So most people who have tried, it have noted increase focus less mental fog, So that's again, an interesting indication that's currently being studied for it as well. What are the side effects of? Mk677. Well,

Garrett Soames:  it does have the ability to cause problems with insulin sensitivity. So, those who are pre-diabetic or diabetic should not take mk677. Generally, it can raise blood glucose. It's also should be noted and It, although a lot of the peptide hormones do not affect cortisol. Much this one does have some effect on cortisol and other adrenal corticoids, which can lead to a great deal of water retention or fluid retention. Most.

Garrett Soames:  Most people have tried it anecdotally report that they can put on as much as eight to ten pounds of just water weight. So bear, that in mind, if you do consider taking this medication, Generally. It's, it's recommended that you cycle off of it. Maybe every five or six days for, you know, one or two days. So taking like like five days out of the week is is beneficial to avoid too much fluid overload. Um, it's, it is currently being studied for growth hormone deficiency primarily in, you know, in children who have pituitary disorders, So far, we don't really have any long-term studies on the effects of that.

Garrett Soames:  Otherwise just bear in mind since it is an oral medication. It is noted that it has a terrible flavor. Most people who, who try it? Don't they hate the flavor so much that they quit pretty quickly. So if this is something you have been considered using You know, I hope you have the stomach for it because it has been described as as drinking cat piss burnt cat piss in particular. So, um, so again, not that we recommend use of mk677 because, you know, we have FMD again, we we can't we are a men's health clinic, you know? But we we do want you to be aware of all the the potential medications that are out there that are out there on the Internet, you know, again you may be in the gym and your your buddies me give you recommendations to take this or that

Garrett Soames:  Well, this is, you know what, we know so far about this particular medication and so, you know, knowledge is power and we hope that you can take what we've talked about today and and apply it, you know, to you and and what makes sense for you. So, We'll be following up with some other videos regarding other peptide hormones here in the next few weeks.

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