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BPC-157 is an incredible peptide that has been described by it's users to vastly increase healing speeds for muscles, tendons, and even post surgery. Today we're bring on Triumph Health, a peptide company that's different than the current competition. They know what they're talking about and are looking to connect you with their knowledgeable medical professionals.

Triumph Health:

In this video, we'll be taking a look at the healing potential of BPC-157 and how you can benefit from using this peptide. We'll also be discussing how to use BPC-157 for the best results and how to maximize its benefits. If you're looking for a peptide that can help you heal faster and more effectively, then you need to check out BPC-157 from Triumph Health!


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Brian Mckinley:  Again, everyone this is Brian from Alpha MD. So you know, we usually talk about TRT on this channel. You should talk a lot about testosterone, side, effects, stuff like that. But today, what we're gonna be doing is talking about Peptide's. And specifically, we are partnering with Triumph Health. They are a specialist in peptide care. they generally work with the substances that we don't, they know a lot more about them and they are very able to provide them and so we have We have Jake from Triumph Health today, who's going to be taught chatting with me and going to be interviewing him about a couple of different peptides chopping it up. And let's learn a learn about some peptide. So, here's Jake. Maybe you can say a bit about himself and We'll get started.

Jake Beaudin: Thanks Brian. Hi everyone. Yeah, my name is Jake like Brian said Over here at Triumph Health and our main focus has always been, you know, preventative care, health and wellness. And our visions always been to, you know, help as many people as possible and that's why the partnership with Alpha MD made the most sense because they have the different, you know, care that we don't offer when it comes to testosterone side and you know the partnering with us has that capability of getting into some medications that a lot of people never heard of don't know much about or don't know where to get them from a place where it's steak.

Jake Beaudin: You know never Google peptide or…

Brian Mckinley: Yeah.

Jake Beaudin: anything like that. You know, you can find sources all over online but I don't know if I would ever trust putting something in my body that comes from a, you know, warehouse for $20. But no here, we try to make things as cost-effective as possible and you know, provide positive, you know, quality of impact everyone's life. So, over here, we're ready to go and wanting to help everyone that we can. So again, we appreciate, you know, everyone Alpha MD for, you know, working with us and putting this agreement together because we all line with wanting to help everyone. So again, thank you and can't wait for this to blossom into the best thing ever.

Brian Mckinley: But it's really good to hear, you know. We've been working with each other for a little bit now and I got to say, I trust a program, trust their members. I use their products and No problem so far. So let's move on to probably some of the questions we've gotten a lot online about some of the most common peptide maybe on reddit stuff like that. First one being BPC 157 now,

Brian Mckinley:  I have personally used this one before, I can attest, that it does work for me. But Jake. How does this medication work and what does it do?

Jake Beaudin: Yeah and Tony to bring that one up because say VPC 157 is probably the most well-known peptide around. Probably the one. Yeah. Google.

Jake Beaudin:  By most comes up as far as the most relevant searches for that. And it's cool because I kind of have the nickname of a miracle peptide, and I don't use that term loosely and that's for the fact does so many different things in the body. And a lot of people don't actually know you have BPC already in your body, that actually comes from the gastric juices. It's actually what your body uses to heal your gut. So they're actually able to make this by taking the amino acids, because that's what peptide are. They're just naturally occurring. I mean, you know, assets that are put together and some type of chain that when they put it into your body, causes your body cells to signal and do something. So BBC, 137 itself actually causes a process in your body. I'm probably gonna butcher and pronouncing it but and go genius. I think that's the way that's going to say about basically it's when your body's creates new blood vessels from pre-existing blood vessels.

Jake Beaudin:  And this is predominantly why BPC is used and a lot of treatments and you know protocols for injury recovery. Because when you're able to increase, the blood vessels in the injury site and increases oxygen energy, everything to that site for rapid repair so BPC done a lot of different things for a lot of different people. And, you know, it's a medication that should be looked at a lot more because everything it does between, you know, the study the healing joints tendons. Ligaments injuries reducing inflammation. You know, I've worked with people that actually have a diagnosis of Crohn's ibs, things like that and they use it in a different form that helps control their flare-ups and their gut even which makes sense saying is that snow already in the gut. And that's obviously what's causing the inflammation to be reduced so bpc. Again, there's so many different ways you can use it and even for increasing,


Jake Beaudin: your own growth hormone receptors, it's safe,…

Brian Mckinley: Yeah.

Jake Beaudin: which is nice because again the side effects, no throughout the clinical trials of it did not show any no severe side effects and that being A Uncommon thing you hear about with medications and you know a lot of times when it comes to any type of side effect it's usually no due to the injection side because the medication itself comes in multiple forms, one of them being a sub cube injection…

Brian Mckinley:  Right.

Jake Beaudin: which is you know, those super small insulin needles. So when someone, you know, folks himself potentially can get a side effect, you know, redness a little bump, the spot itching, that kind of thing. But you know, BBC itself is probably one of the most safest peptide around and you know,

Brian Mckinley: Yeah, you're saying that it comes from inside you. You already have it in you,…

Jake Beaudin: Correct. Yes.

Brian Mckinley: that type of thing. Yeah.

Jake Beaudin: Which is again why peptide therapy sparked? You know, a huge interest in me personally, because again, they're made from naturally occurring amino acids. So, when you can make a medication out of things that are, you know, naturally occurring like that, you know, you reduce the side effects side, I don't want to put a number on it because don't want to have that come back and bite me. But you know obviously sometimes natural is better.

Brian Mckinley:  Yeah.

Jake Beaudin: So obviously with it. It's It's been amazing because like I said, I personally use that, I know you mentioned, you have too and I always keep it on hand.

Brian Mckinley: Yeah, I I haven't experienced. I haven't experienced any type of side effect and I did, I've used it for some rotator cuff. Injuries in the past really helped kind of. You know those are those are historically really hard to heal really hard to repair from they I honestly feel like it improved How quickly I recovered from the minor injuries. And you know, I've had some type of like kind of like tricep bicep kind of like in the elbow type of issues with the tendons there and man, I got to tell you, you don't know how much you use your bicep and tricep and the tensions in their connecting them and…

Jake Beaudin: Bill, you can't right.

Brian Mckinley: till they hurt and until they don't work. Use them for all workouts and dealt with it for a month or two went on BPC 157. And within a couple weeks I was, I was feeling good again compared everything else I was doing. It was honestly.

Brian Mckinley:  Honestly crazy to me but yeah, no side effects is there any side effects? Anyone should look out for or barring that, you know, outside of like I don't know, major side effects. I will cut them later.

Jake Beaudin: Um, so when it comes. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. And I mean, another day.

Brian Mckinley:  Yeah.

Jake Beaudin: Everything can be deem to have a side effect because everyone's different. So no, how your body registers it and things like that, you know? Again, when it comes to injection site, you know, side effects, you know, that's upcoming thing, you know, throwing a warning label and everything as far as peptide's in general, like no flush feelings, you know, heart puppy patients because you know, I've seen it where people inject themselves and they freak out, their blood pressure goes up because they're using a needle and they're saying it's a side effect on the medication. But, you know, or is it because you're using a needle on yourself? To, you know, tiredness.

Jake Beaudin:  Dizziness again, all that couples into that central nervous system where, you know, if your blood pressure kind of goes up, no obviously can cause those type of things. Nausea vomiting. I know nausea is a huge one with won't talk about it. Much stay obviously, but, you know, crazy fat of semi-glutide. That's a huge thing and potential side, effect of that medication. But again, you know, at the end of the day,

Jake Beaudin: These medications can't be overdosed on. They, you know, have such a clean mechanism for use like you're talking about like, your tendon, like it creates, you know,…

Brian Mckinley: Yeah.

Jake Beaudin: new growth molecules for tendons, which allows it to grow to move and you know why you're able to do you know, things so much more quickly and you know two little testimonials I've had two different patients, I've worked with before that, one of them tour is acl, He's professional snow across racer and it was during before covid. Actually I don't actually say say that I see word Or no.


Brian Mckinley: Again. Yeah,…

Brian Mckinley: we're good.

Jake Beaudin: But, and…

Jake Beaudin: he was supposed to get surgery on it and the world shut down. Couldn't do it.

Jake Beaudin: Took a bunch of BPC and I'm not even eating surgery again. No extreme extreme case,…

Brian Mckinley:  That's crazy.

Jake Beaudin: but the same time like, he has never stopped using it at that point, just the same actual personal friend of…

Brian Mckinley:  Yeah.

Jake Beaudin: Also, you know, was a client. I worked with tour, his eyes up his chest, and start doing BPC after his surgery. And they literally had to go back in after two weeks and cut open his incision again to drain the blood out because the doctor didn't know why he was getting so much blood flow to that area and that's good, important injection site and…

Brian Mckinley: oh,

Jake Beaudin: it was healing. This creating those new blood vessels and he got out of his recovery about four weeks earlier than they said. He was going to in the doctor didn't know why? Of course he didn't tell him.

Brian Mckinley:  Wow. Yeah.

Jake Beaudin: I'm like well that's something you should have told him because, you know, a lot more people from

Brian Mckinley:  Yeah.

Brian Mckinley:  So you know how do you how do we get it through Triumph Health? I guess is the question How do you guys typically administrate? Talk about injections that kind of thing and how fast do people typically feel that it kind of comes on and starts working for them?

Jake Beaudin: Um, you know, for us specifically obviously, you know, we have our website which hopefully, you guys will link the bottom and…

Brian Mckinley: Yeah.

Jake Beaudin: you'll have our, you know, our free inquiry reform to sign up very quick. You put some small information about yourself and it gets you set over to a calendar to actually book a free consultation. We do all of our stuff for free up front because we want to answer your questions and make sure you know, you're comfortable because you know this stuff is a little bit more like foreign and not in the well known whereas you know, that's a strong. No people go important know what it is, what they want for it. So a little are you have that comfortable factor towards at all? So once you're able to you know, have all your questions answered and you feel comfortable, moving forward, We get you signed up, we go through, you know, our process, you kind of have two different ones depending on what your needs are because we post them everything to use specifically. So two branches and kind of see what?

Jake Beaudin: One, makes more sense for you. And then, you know, from there, obviously, like, so, again, to what I always call the build-a-bear scenario, and, you know, create protocol,…

Brian Mckinley:  Yeah.

Jake Beaudin: you know, baseline all your options that the physician signs off on based on, you know, medical history or, you know, you symptoms, you're experiencing, you know, your overall goals and obviously we go through everything because our big things education. I want to make sure you understand everything, you know tools. And you know what you do with that. You know, we leave that up to you because we don't, of course, anything on anyone. So you're able to do that, you know, get your medications, everything should correctly to your doors that just like, you know, Alpha and he does. I want to make sure everything is as convenient as possible and ship discreetly as well. You know, for some people as far as time length as a working, you know, based on different studies different, you know, actual

Jake Beaudin: Personal Testimonies Some people have actually felt things within a week. Whereas you know, they get that range of up to six weeks because again, everyone's different and the severity of what they're using it for, you know, there's a lot of implications for it but, you know, it does. Yeah. Like said coming a lot of different forms where it's the sub-q injection. Oral capsules, there's nasal sprays, there's screens, there's gels. There's a lot of different routes the parts and then it started because again has a lot different benefits.

Brian Mckinley: Okay.

Jake Beaudin: So whatever makes the most sense for, you know, you as it is specific individual. And again we'll give you those options and yeah. Go from there.

Brian Mckinley: Awesome. So yeah, thank you for explaining that Jake and if anyone has any other kind of questions about BPC 157, go ahead and leave them in the comment section below. You can also visit Triumph Health website, connect with them, get a consultation stuff like that. And next up we're going to be covering my camera. Ellen. So watch out for our next video on that one.

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