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Collaborating Physician - Oversight



1-2 years

About this role

This is a low time commitment role for those who seek remote oversight work and wish to make the most of their existing licenses. Depending on current licenses, certifications, and team fit after hire; we may pay for additional locations on your behalf.


  • Work together with mid-level providers, customer service representatives, and administrative members to ensure a smooth consistent experience for patients.
  • When needed, respond or connect with team members virtually within 1 day.
  • Review treatment protocols on hire, and periodically with the CMO if changes are required.
  • Review 10% of medical charts monthly of mid level providers in the states that you supervise in.
  • Expected monthly time commitment: 2-4 hours.


  • Passionate & knowledgeable about men’s health & a willingness to learn about our other offerings.
  • Comfort with asynchronous communication & digital communication tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams.
  • MD or DO License, for multiple states. Ideally AL, NJ, AR, SC, MO, NC, GA, MS, RI, TN, AK, WA.
  • Three (3) years of clinical practice, at least.
  • Previous collaborative experience with Advanced Practice Practitioners.

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