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Nurse Practitioner - Telemedicine



1-2 years

About this role

This is a moderate time commitment role for those who seek remote direct telemedicine patient visits & to make the most of their existing licenses. Depending on current licenses, certifications, and team fit after hire; we may pay for additional locations on your behalf.


  • Learn our approach to customer service & best practices for TRT, men’s health, HRT, and weight loss.
  • Have a consistent schedule which you are available for telemedicine visits & commit to visits scheduled during those times. (The times are up to you & there is a minimum of 1 day notice).
  • Serve the patients you work with and enable their access to TRT care, their understanding of TRT is a key factor in what sets our company apart.
  • Work together with other providers, customer service representatives, and administrative members to ensure a smooth consistent experience for patients.
  • Respond or connect with team members virtually within 1 day.
  • Expected weekly time commitment: 1-14 hours. Can increase with available state licenses.


  • Passionate & knowledgeable about men’s health & a willingness to learn about our other offerings.
  • Comfort with asynchronous communication & digital communication tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams.
  • Consistent internet connection with quality video/audio equipment for telemedicine visits.
  • Full Practice Authority for any/all of: AL, NJ, AR, SC, MO, NC, GA, MS, RI, TN, AK, WA.
  • Board certified in family medicine, endocrinology, or internal medicine.
  • DEA license(s) for the state(s) you have FPA in. WA state is ideal due to company headquarters, but can be acquired.
  • Licensed to practice is currently in good standing.
  • Three (3) years of clinical practice, at least.

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